Tabletop science games!

Not strictly on theme re: science film, but these strategy card games from Genius Games look fantastic.

First up, and their latest project is Ion– a chemistry themed card game where players must build up ionic compounds to win points, and collect noble gases for bonuses. You don’t need to be a science master to play- the mechanics rely on simple arithmetic, adding and subtracting ionic charge to make stable, neutral compounds. The game is currently on KickstarterĀ and has massively surpassed its funding goal- but there’s still time to invest! Reviews are already coming in, and they are all good- we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy!

Genius games are already well known for other science games; Linkage and Peptide are biochemistry themed strategy card games, and are already available for purchase. In Linkage, players get their very own RNA chain to manage, and attempt to copy a DNA template. Players can build, repair or mutate their strands, and points are given for how accurately the RNA chains have replicated the DNA template. Peptide is another chain building game, and sees players use actions given by organelle cards to connect their amino acids. Players win by having the most (and best, according to the game) amino acids in their chains.

All these games are/will be available as physical copies and digital downloads.


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