Pint of Science 2015

What better place to discuss science/anything than your local pub?

I’ve sort of given away our location with that opening.

Yes, here in bonny Britain (read: rainy) we love a good pub. As a place to shelter from the rain, and warm ourselves up with lovely, lovely booze. And to discuss all of our favourite topics: the weather, football, politics (if the fancy takes you), the weather, and when the occasion presents itself, science.

In 2012, research scientists¬†Michael Motskin and Praveen Paul decided to host an event where they invited people affected by the diseases they researched (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, among others) to come and see their labs, and listen to them talk about their work. It was a resounding success, and the scientists thought that if people were willing to come to their lab to listen to them talk, why shouldn’t they go to the people? So they went to the pub.

The first Pint of Science festival was held in 2013, and this year is taking place all across the world, with locations from Europe to North America and Australia. No longer just a place for biomedical scientists to share their work, the event has talks from all fields of science (we will be attending the chemistry talks, at least), so there is something for everyone’s taste.

Pint of Science will be taking place from the 18-20th May 2015.

Find out if there is a location near you or follow the festival on Twitter

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