Microbes Matter!

In January, Dr. Sinead Collins spoke at a Royal Society Café Scientifique event about how acidification affects our oceans.

The researcher, from the University of Edinburgh, works in the field of microbial biology, particularly evolution, and how this is affected by certain environments and variables. On their website, the group states that it specialises in “microbial evolution to understand apoptosis, sex, cooperation, virulence, and the responses of microbes to climate change.” Dr. Collins’ talk at the Royal Society did not disappoint- she discussed how climate change (the acidification of the ocean) is affecting the survival and evolution of microscopic marine organisms. Ocean acidification may be affecting the food source of these tiny organisms, whose survival underpins the survival of many larger organisms, all the way up the food chain. We should take care of the little guys!

In an interview before her Café Scientifique talk, Dr. Collins waxed poetic about her message in science. “There’s a lot of really amazing things in the world that are not about humans… What I think sometimes is missing is there’s this whole wonderful world out there that isn’t just about us (humans). And I’d like people to take away that that world is interesting and important as well.”

You can listen to the full Café Scientifique here.


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