Cars flipped up against houses in Ciudad Acuna after a tornado struck the city. Photograph: Reuters


The infamous weather system is starting to leave its signature trail of destruction.

I reported previously on the development of El Niño, and how US scientists were confident that the often disastrous weather system would behave itself this year, while scientists from Australia warned that the worst was still to come this year.

Its starting to look like the Ozzies were right: The picture about shows the devastation after a tornado caused by El Niño hit northern parts of Mexico, and there has been widespread and devasting flooding in parts of  Texas and Oklahoma, following a 5 year drought.

Wenju Cai, of Australia’s national research agency CSIRO says that this weather is consistent with El Niño, and this looks like its going to be an extreme one. Some places are prepared for this, since this will not be the first time El Niño has hit, however this is generally limited to richer countries and Central and South America face great difficulties. It is still unknown how Asia will fare, which is also a continent of vulnerable countries.

H/T: New Scientist

Image credit: Reuters


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