Athene Donald on Tim Hunt

Feminist Philosophers

Athene Donald has been at the forefront of fighting for women in science in the UK. And she has some very wise things to say regarding Tim Hunt. Brief version: She condemns his remarks, but notes that there is not yet evidence that this is part of a broader pattern for him. And most importantly she gets at something that has been bothering me in an inchoate way, and suggests a re-direction of our energies.

Curing the issues of women in science needs each and every one of us to be vigilant and to speak out about the everyday sexism that is all around us, not just wait to bay at a celebrity (which of course Nobel Prize winners are) who says something crass, suggesting he holds views that most of us think are Victorian. If watching this sorry affair unfold provoked people to act locally to eradicate all theā€¦

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